Our electronically controlled color layers have the capacity to filter and absorb undesirable light frequencies. Thus an environment that is protected by our unique Oasis Smartglass products will achieve an optimum light climate.

For roofs, ceilings, and high-level outside windows, Oasis Smartglass provides infinite light color choices throughout the day using our light intensity optimization program.

Daylight starts with soft red tones in the morning. Oasis Smartglass may open itself totally to let the first rays in in their full splendor. Then, our daylight changes to soft yet bright, blue tones by mid-morning. Oasis Smartglass allows beautiful, natural and pleasing light inside without graying or greening it out, which is what normal glass filters do.

By midday natural light shines in excess and is intensely white. Oasis Smartglass is capable of adjusting the light intensity from 80,000 lux to a comfortable 10,000 lux. By mid-afternoon daylight releases soft yellow. Oasis Smartglass lets it in at the same comfortable max 10,000 lux as it can precisely adjust the intensity of the incoming light.

In the late afternoon, natural light turns to leafy green. Oasis Smartglass lets it all in, even at the end of the day when Oasis Smartglass is fully open again, the daylight still shines inside.

Note: The first Oasis Smartglass products are expected to be available on the market from April 2016 onwards.


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